Answers to Your Drum Donation Questions

Answers to Your Drum Donation Questions

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Drums for Drummers makes the donation process easy and donations are tax deductible. All proceeds benefit music programs in schools demonstrating need. Get all your questions answered below.

Q: Who is the Drums for Drummers Organization?
A: Carl Stewart’s Drums for Drummers is an organization that came about from our father’s lifelong passion for jazz drumming.

Q: How does the Drums for Drummers Organization make a difference?
A: As a result of generous donations of your time, drums and money, we have been able to provide underprivileged students to be able to have access to a drum set in schools across the country. Your support is needed and appreciated.

Q: How does the tax deduction work?
A: Donations to this charity are tax deductible expenses if you itemize your deductions. Drums for Drummers is a 501(c)(3) and will provide donors with a written letter acknowledging the gift or with a receipt for the donation. Any non-cash contributions of property (such as drums, etc) will be assessed at fair market value of the goods.

Q: Where is Drums for Drummers located?
A: Drums for Drummers’ headquarters is located at 7455 Lorge Circle, Huntington Beach, California. However, we take donations from all over the country. Send us an email, and we will find a way to connect your drum kit to a school nearby that can use it.