Tom Stewart

Welcome to Drums for Drummers

Carl Stewart’s Drums For Drummers, is a non-profit corporation established to place donated drum sets into underfunded schools with music programs. We help drumming students get access to a drum set. Keep the beat going! If you've ever owned a set a drums please read this: If you played snare drum in elementary, junior high or high school, can you relate to this? When I was in junior high there were 11 drummers in our band class. The band instructor didn't know what do with all of us. Of the...

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Different Ways You Can Get Involved

School Application

The school’s requirements to receive a drum set are: The school needs an ongoing music program. The drum set would become the property of the school and not be given to any one individual person. The drum set would be left at the school to be used at school functions, concerts, dances, etc. This drum […]

Answers to Your Drum Donation Questions

Drums for Drummers makes the donation process easy and donations are tax deductible. All proceeds benefit music programs in...


Drummers! Volunteer Drum tech, hobbyist, Drum lovers Needed for local non-profit organization Self-actualized Percussionists wanted: guaranteed fun work, no pay, no food, easy hours, skinned knuckles a sure bet. Expect only deep satisfaction from your hard work knowing that you’ll impact young drummers of the future. We need drummers to help refurbish donated drums that […]

Donations Appreciated

Donate $100 or more and receive a FREE Drums for Drummers T-Shirt Do you have a set of drums and/or cymbals sitting around collecting dust? Want to find them another home and bring some life back to those drums? Contact us and we will assist you in finding a placement for your instrument.

Board of Directors

All board members are volunteers serving without compensation.

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Tom Stewart, President

Tom Stewart, President, grew up in Michigan, just outside Detroit.  Tom played drums from grade school through high school.  After high school, he moved to Aspen, CO to ski for several years before moving to Denver to obtain his bachelor’s degree in aviation.  He served as a helicopter pilot in both the Marine Corps and […]

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Kimberly Harding, Secretary-Treasurer

Kimberly Harding-Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer, grew up in Littleton, CO (where she met Tom in 1979).  After high school,...

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Carl Stewart, May 1923 – Nov 2013

Carl began playing the drums in elementary school and played throughout his school years He formed his first band in 6th grade. During World War II, he enlisted in the army and served in the Pacific theater.  While there, he and other soldiers formed a band and unofficially entertained troops using borrowed instruments from the […]

To Donate A Drum Set – Call: (949) 689-5364