Category: Board of Directors

Tom Stewart, President

Tom Stewart, President, grew up in Michigan, just outside Detroit.  Tom played drums from grade school through high school.  After high school, he moved to Aspen, CO to ski for several years before moving to Denver to obtain his bachelor’s degree in aviation.  He served as a helicopter pilot in both the Marine Corps and […]

Kimberly Harding, Secretary-Treasurer

Kimberly Harding-Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer, grew up in Littleton, CO (where she met Tom in 1979).  After high school, Kimberly moved to CA and began taking college courses at night while working during the day.  She obtained a BS in Aviation and MA in Human Communication.  For eleven years, she worked at National University, San Diego, in several positions working directly with students,...

Carl Stewart, May 1923 – Nov 2013

Carl began playing the drums in elementary school and played throughout his school years He formed his first band in 6th grade. During World War II, he enlisted in the army and served in the Pacific theater.  While there, he and other soldiers formed a band and unofficially entertained troops using borrowed instruments from the […]